Tune into these on your next hike

Music is very special. Going on a hike without music is a disaster. But there are times where you get bored of your own playlist. You won’t find the best gigs even in a concert or pubs. Irish music is a bit different and a few gigs will go with a specific occasion. There are many musicians of different abilities who meet for a session. They all play together without any notes. Check out these awesome Irish sessions that will make your hike more memorable

1. Chieftains

The music of Chieftains is a classic in Irish folk music. Paddy Moloney founded the band in 1962. Moloney plays the Uilleann pipes and Tin Whistle, which are both typical instruments of Irish music. Uilleann pipes is the Irish name for bagpipes. It sounds like an elbow pipe. This bellows, unlike the Scottish, is filled through the elbow, not the mouth.

2. The Bothy Band

The Bothy Band was considered to be a supergroup in the Irish Trad. They included Donal Lunny, Matt Molloy, and Triona N. Dhomnaill, all of whom were well-known musicians. Although they disbanded in 1979, the dynamic music of The Bothy Band was a huge success. They were the first to mix traditional Irish music with new instruments like the Greek bouzouki.

3. Lunasa

Lunasa claims they are the “hottest Irish acoustic group on the planet”. Rightly. With their first-class trad, the band has already thrilled listeners in 36 different countries. Lunasa has been a home to many musicians from various successful groups and bands since the 1990s. They released CAS, their 20th anniversary album, in 2017.

4. Sharon Shannon Band

Sharon Shannon was raised in County Clare, in 1968. She recorded her first solo album in 1991 after she had been an accordionist and violinist for the Waterboys. She also appeared on the song A Woman’s Heart. This CD was exclusively recorded by Irish musicians. It was sold more than 200,000 times in Ireland. Sharon became a star because of her appearance on the song. Later, she formed The Sharon Shannon Band. Her greatest success was with The Galway Girl in 2007. Sharon Shannon is a vocal advocate for animal rights, and she also has a stand selling vegan food at festivals.

5. Dervish

Dervish was founded in County Sligo in 1989. They play many instrumental pieces and also have Cathy Jordan as a percussionist and singer. The dynamic interaction between the three rhythm instruments is often praised by Dervish.

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